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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

December 30, 2019
urgent care costs

When you need medical care after your doctor’s normal business hours, you'll typically want to go to an urgent care center. But how much will it cost you in comparison to a regular doctor's appointment? According to the Urgent Care Association of America, around 3 million people each week visit urgent care centers. These centers can be a more cost-effective solution for those who have insurance as well as those who don’t. Here’s everything you need to know about urgent care costs.

Urgent Care Costs For Those Without Health Insurance

The costs for urgent care varies at each facility for people without health insurance. Fees can range anywhere from $75 to $150. You could end up paying $600 or more for the same treatment in an emergency room. If you can’t afford these costs, you may want to consider researching local health departments and community clinics. These facilities offer free urgent care to those in need. You can also ask any urgent care center you visit if they provide services on a sliding fee scale based on income.

Urgent Care Costs For Those With Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, you can pay similar fees charged to those without insurance. How much you will actually have to pay depends on what deductibles or copays you have. If you only have to pay a copay for your urgent care visit, you can expect to pay between $30 to $100. If you don’t have a copay, you will most likely pay the same amount as someone who is uninsured until you meet your deductible. To find out what your copay is, you will need to contact your insurance company.

Urgent Care Cost Tip

Before you go to an urgent care center for treatment, call first and ask them how they bill their patients with and without health insurance. Write down the name of the person who gives you this information. Clinics that associate themselves with a hospital often bill in accordance with hospital billing structures. This information can be a critical factor when you're deciding which urgent care facility to visit for your medical issue.

Urgent care costs can be much more manageable than you might think, whether or not you have insurance. Doing your homework ahead of time before you need medical care can save you a lot of money on treatment costs. Make a plan for these costs ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about them when you have a crisis.

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